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small renovations

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I've been trying to update the house with paint, flooring, fixtures, etc. Sofie seems very displaced and nervous. I had her with a friend for a couple days at a time. How do your doodles do with change and sometimes chaos in the house?
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Well, this isn't exactly the same, but we had our back yard landscaped this week. On the first day I took Cali to doggy day care because I had a lot of errands to run and didn't want her stressing with all the activity with all these strange guys in her back yard. The other two days were fine when I could be home. She could watch from the back door and I was there so she felt okay with it. Overall, she's very calm in nature and not too much phases her. But I haven't changed her world inside the house, so don't know how she'd do. I hope Sofie feels more at ease soon.
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