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small renovations

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I've been trying to update the house with paint, flooring, fixtures, etc. Sofie seems very displaced and nervous. I had her with a friend for a couple days at a time. How do your doodles do with change and sometimes chaos in the house?
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Gene, this is no doubt going to embarrass you but, as it happens, Annmarie seems to be somewhat ahead of most of us when it comes to diction. If you had taken the time to thoroughly research this in the urban dictionary, as I did, you would know that hosue is a very acceptable, and in this case, appropriate word.

(Annmarie, I'm sure you realize this type of support comes with a price . . .)

1. A genre of music that is directly derived through the re-arrangement of existing components found within house tune.

2. May replace the word "house" at any time.
"Oh s___ man, I ripped apart this tune by LSG...I made some whack hosue."

"Party at my hosue."by Quincy Dec 1, 2003 email
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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