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When I first heard of a slobbery doodle, I laughed and laughed...I couldn't imagine such a thing! (Of course, I had never heard of it...) Then, as if nature thought to teach me a thing or two...

Chase (Poodle) started getting all foamy and slobbery when we went in the car! Every time...the second we shut the door, he would start. Well, I found out that it wasn't car sickness because there was no motion involved. He was just nervous and upset that we might end up at the vet!

What I found out is that this is one way that they get when they are emotional, such as the excitement of the park could bring.

But one thing that I think you might want to check...has he eaten any weed or plant while there? It could be a reaction to something he, just be allert to that as a possibility.

Chase finally has stopped the drooling. Thank goodness!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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