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Slippery Feet

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Our Labradoodle has a terrible time walking on our laminate wood floor - he slips and falls a lot! Does anyone have any suggestions other than over the floor with rugs??
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we have 1000 sq ft of laminate with another 1000sq ft of mexican tiles.

RULE # 1....Max is crated when i wash floors.

RULE #2 we have 5 x8 wool rugs scattered around as it makes the house nicer and also helps max on less wipeouts

I must say though Max has mastered laminate floors and knows how NOT to skid/roll etc. It took him 4 weeks to get a grip.
hahhahaaa gene!!! now ya got me thinking!!!

oh wanted to tell you that for fun my kids entered Max into a pet photo contest for fun only. well imagine their surprise when they got an email other day saying Max is in the December family pet contest.

here's the link
yes used the halloween picture hahahhaaa as I didn't have any other ones where you can see a black doodle well enough.

my teenage boys are so proud :wink: and I have to figure out how to take better pictures of Max :wink:
thanks're right about the link hahhaa

this one works but then you have to click december's contest....but don't since you remember the mad max look :)
I've heard of some people using the nail covers....There's a gal i know here that uses them on her labradoodle.

Max's nails get worn down on our mexican tiles when we play fetch. :D
And for some reason he's conquered the laminate floors too.

Though some days he loves to TRY to slide hahhahahaaa right under the xmas tree and make sure the lights jangle. :wink:

Jamies I love the surfboard effect!!!

I have those wool rugs 5x8 which aids in Max's traction
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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