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Slippery Feet

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Our Labradoodle has a terrible time walking on our laminate wood floor - he slips and falls a lot! Does anyone have any suggestions other than over the floor with rugs??
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we have mostly carpet, so the only problems are wide turns in the kitchen, crash in the cabinets, and the hardwood floors around the rugs in my room. when i had him groomed, they cut the hair in his pads, but thier pads are so smooth. maybe we need to all get those socks with the built in treads. :wink: on second thought, they don't need the extra traction to build up speed! :)
annmarie, you should buy a cheap throw rug, then max can body surf around the house! i can picture it....sunglasses, boardies...saying "dude"! :p
congrats to max and family. the link isn't working, but i remember the picture. he looked soooo happy!
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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