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SLIGHTLY off topic... But still fun!

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So, we returned Sunday and are getting back into the swing of things around here...

Picked up Bandit on Sunday night from Summer Camp (trainer boarded him for the week+ that we were gone) and he had so many friends there and had a GREAT time apparently.

He was so happy to see us, big ol smile and tail goin so fast, it was a blur...

But boy did he STINK! a week of rollin around on the ground and wrestling with the other dogs will do that. Hard to touch him for a day or two until we could bathe him since he had fur form the other dogs and it triggered the allergies.

That being done, and then decided to hit the dog park yesterday, that was fun until an overprotective owner showed up with what appears to be a reddish chocolate lab pup (5 mos +/-) that was SOOOO skinny (almost malnurished in appearance).
The "welcoming party" went to the gate and was greeting the dog, but the owner kept shooing them away. She gets in and I figured would be taking the dog off leash... but no, that didnt happen, and was getting frustrated at Bandit when he was getting a bit friendly and her dog laid submissively on her back. :?
Didnt see the big deal, but boy she was HIGHLY irritated with us. I let it go and corrected Bandit and sent him off a different direction.
She stuck to the corner with her dog and girls. then the pup came over to the bench to say hi and she jumped up on another guy that was there... Bandit cam running to say hi, and didnt stop himself in time, accidentally nudging her in the side with his nose, she yelps, and gets the owner all perturbed... "You really need to control your mean aggressive dog!" while she is babying her pup, coddling her.
I lost it... "Look lady, maybe if you werent so overprotective and coddling to your precious pup, she would be able to handle it.
What did you expect, you come to the dog park with an extremely timid pup and all the other dogs would let her be?!?
Get real, they come to socialize, play, and I can assure you that you coddling her instantly shows and these dogs can sense that.
Ive been here a while today and come often, Bandit has never been anything but nice to ALL the other dogs, regardless of size, gender, breed, or any other characteristic.
I would suggest that in the future when you come in, you bring your pup (very beautiful that she is) in and get her off the leash ASAP so she can socialize and play. I have not seen any aggressive dogs out here and can assure you that Bandit is only trying to play. He doesnt have a mean bone in his body."

Everyone else agreed with me, but that lady certainly did aggravate me to no end.

But anyway, here is a random sampling of some of our photos from the trip.

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Wow, gorgeous pictures! I am from Utah and so they bring back many good memories...thanks for posting are a great photographer!

You are right about the over protective woman and her puppy...It is too bad that she reacts that way because her dog will learn fear from her. I hope that she listened, but I suspect that she didn't...*sigh*
I love Moab, its one of my favorite places to be. If I could sustain an income there, I would move. As it is, we go out third week of May and first weekend of Nov.

Cant take credit for those. Tia took them with the exception of the last, that was me with the old camera. And she does good work. I think she could definitely do it professionally.
Her new camera is AWESOME! Canon S1 IS. The 3CCD color chip on it is spectacular and produces VERY accurate colors and shows a lot of detail not normally shown in photos. The 10x optical zoom is wonderful as well. I HIGHLY recommend Canon digicams.
I am so glad to hear about the Cannon...I have been considering a new camera...have to get good pics of my puppies! So, I will check into the Cannon...thanks!
KEITH!! Were you this mouthy before you knew me, or was this my influence?? (my hubby was NOT mouthy before me) :wink:

These are the kinds of stories that trainers have in mind when they say dogparks aren't their favorite places...all kinds of people posing as DOG EXPERTS!

Your pictures are really breathtaking...way to go to your Chief Photographer....the guys at the office store say that the Canon printers are really great too, by the way. I'll remember the Canon when I get my next picture for sure, thanks
Oh yeah... me=opinionated, direct, and have no problem putting anyone in their place.
Been that way all my life. SUPER easy to get along with until you do me wrong, then GAME ON.

I assuming that you mean the lady being equated to a "dog expert". I CERTAINLY am nowhere near that... just utilizing common sense and logical to base my decision and words on.

Although Bandit has started to exert himself as the alpha and was unacceptable yesterday as Keifer (golden doodle about the same age) was there, and Bandit tried to mount him and then started to growl. That was totally unacceptable, I apologized to Keifer's owner while we corrected Bandit and immediately left. He was dissappointed, but perhaps he will learn that is not appropriate behaviour. We will take another chance in the morning and see if he changed his tune. Otherwise we will need to get the extra support from Elaine in/during training to nip this while we still can. I know we talked about this before as one of the potential issues of the males... but Im confident we can work through it.

Yeah, thats just a small sampling of the shots Tia got, less than 5%. She did REALLY well. Printers, meh I typically dont bother with printing them myself, the cartridges and paper are too spendy for a dicey result. If I want prints, I upload them to and order prints through them. Cost effective and gauranteed for defects. By far the easiet method for desired results.
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Wonderful Pictures!! If the woman was so protective of her pup, why doesn't she feed it? Keith, I think you handled that superbly. There are people who show up for the first time at our park here and try to "straighten the rest of us out". I use that park almost daily and I try to exercise good judgment, but some people are just really STUPID.
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