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Maureen sent me this link. Thanks guys! It is really nice to know you miss me!!

I feel better since I'm off the medicine, but we have had lots of medical issues with my daughter and husband for the past month. Hospitalization and moved to "hold" status on the transplant list when the surgeon said the very day before that it would literally be anyday when Greg gets his kidney according to our region's typical wait period. Just trying to jump through all the hoops with work and dyalisis is nearly impossible.

My vet had a quadruple bypass too, so it took me a while to find a temporary vet as well. I dreaded the day when something like that would happen since he is like my father. The ggod news is even though Doc has only been home a couple of weeks I urged my Mom to take her little yorkie puppies by there for shots last Thursday to have his tech administer them since I am not in the same town. Doc actually puppy checked them and gave the shots, health certificates... Not that he is practicing again, but again the family thing.

The best news is we are expecting Doodles any second now and we are very excited! Stay in touch please!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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