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Our last dog slept with a human every night - sometimes on my son's bed, sometimes on my daughter's bed, sometimes on my other son's bed, etc. They loved having that warm little guy snuggled in with him, and the dog was in his glory. When he died, there were a lot of tears at night because he was missed so much.

When we got our new dog, Sadie, they couldn't wait for the day she was reliably housetrained and could sleep on their beds - But - Sadie is much bigger, and physically takes up too much room on the bed - and - she really isn't comfortable up on a bed (much to my relief). She prefers to lie on the floor beside the bed. So that is what she does.

Everyone has to find their own comfort zone - including the dog. When I was a kid we had a black lab who slept outside in his dog house! Seems unheard of now, but that was the way it was (Mom's rule).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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