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My doodle, Cooper, is 6 months old and 63 lbs. He is growing like a weed, and I love it!! I'm just curious about the size of everyone's doodles... Everything I've read says he'll be between 45-65 lbs, but I'm hoping he breaks 80.

Any insight? I'm new to this forum.
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Annabelle weighs about 55 pounds and is 15 months - don't think she will gain to much more, two of her sibs are around 65 pounds - guess it all depends on the mommy and daddy's size, maybe the grandparents size.

I had two labs from the same litter, Mollyann weighed about 75 and Heidipooh was 95 - both females so weight/size can definitely vary

Cooper is a sweetie - looks very loveable
Denver is 100 lbs at 14 months old
We were told anywhere from 70 to 80 lbs
and to not be surprised if he went a little higher.
I wanted a large Doodle. :wink: :wink:
Hahaha! I'd forgotten that Denver was so big! Dakota is 77lbs at 20 months.
i also always forget how big Denver is :)

Dexter is 67 lbs at 12 mos (he was 60 lbs at 6 mos).

How big are Cooper's parents?

Coop's dad is at least 85, and I have no idea about his mom. She looked probably around 50-60.
I hope he gets big like Denver. 100 lbs would be GREAT.
Looks like you are on your weigh...oops...that is...on your way, to having a big beautiful pup!!!!!!!!

There is a formula to estimate adult weight-

Double puppy weight at 4 months old, and then add approximately 5-10lbs.

There is also a growth chart out there that has been fairly accurate:

According to the chart, to me it looks like Cooper is currently about 65% of his full body weight, so as an adult, he should be about 98lbs. The only problem here is generally my math somebody please check if I read the chart right, and then...

check the math!!!!!!

Maddie and Lexi

PS- Anybody with an adullt dog checked out if either of these two methods were good predictors? I'm going to do the math for Lexi and see if it was accurate-but she's a mini-so I'm not sure if the chart applies to her- let me know what your math shows - either for Cooper - or your own dog - Thanx
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Dakota was almost 30 lbs at 4 months. this formular would have put him at about 65 lbs. Right now, extra lean due to extra summer excercise, he's 77 lbs. Probably up to 80 next winter when he is definately fully grown. So the formular predicted him about 15 lbs lighter than he is.
All right....more Ohio doodles!! Welcome Carly and Cooper! My Jonah is 16 mo and 74#....I think, could be a little more. Miko is a scant 54#....maybe a little more at almost a year. she seems to have sprouted upwards recently, but is afraid of the tape measure, so it's hard to figure out!
Cinnamon was 33lbs at 5 mos. 46lbs at 6 mos, and now weighs 58lbs at 2yrs, 9mos. It's close for us anyway.
Cali 10 months and about 62#. She was 30# at four months.
Welcome Cooper and Carly!
Our doodles vary between 45 lbs to 70 lbs. I have actually heard of doodles reaching 130 lbs!! (Rare...average is around 60-65 lbs, I would guess.) I think that Denver is our "Big Dog" of the forum! We love our big, sweet Denver boy!
HI Cooper and Carly.....nice to meet you :D sounds like there is possibility he could get to be as big as Denver?

Max was 30lbs at 17 weeks 12mos he was 67lbs and 26in tall at the shoulder ...and i think still holding the same at 13mos now.

Denver is our biggest doodle to-date on this forum. He's a sweet gentle giant :D
If I remember correctly....I think Chester is up there in the "larger" size doodle......correct me if I'm wrong. :oops: [/i]
Well that formula is making it look like I will have a large dog. Chloe was 3 months old yesterday and is almost 30 pounds. If she keeps growing at this rate she will be 80 pounds!!! Goodness. An 80 pound labradoodle and a 95 pound lab in a 750 sq foot apartment could prove interesting! :shock:
And what would life be if not interesting :D Our Ebbe was 40 lbs. at 4 months and is 70 lbs. at 9 months. We were told she wouldn't be bigger than 50-55.
Absolutely right! I have sooooooo changed my whole attitude about dogs since we got this silly girl. :D I don't think she'll get much past 75-80 lbs. However; the bigger she gets, the older I get and she still will not jump into the car! :shock: Oh my achin' back! 12 months and 67 lbs Dexter still acts like he can't jump into the car. He puts his front paws up and waits for a boost. He has absolutely no problem jumping for other reasons so I know it's just him being a pain in the butt :)

P.S. About size - we found that Dex did most of his growing up to 6 mos and then practically stopped. Don't know if this is the norm though...
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