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Riley just went to the vet for a checkup and more vaccinations. She's almost 11 weeks old and she weighed 13 lbs. today. I know its probably too early to predict a weight, but does anyone have any opinions as to how big she'll be?
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I know that our Pacha was 11 lbs at 8 weeks, and gained 1-2 pounds every week at that age, so I think Riley is maybe a bit smaller. Pacha (now at 1 year) is about 65 lbs, so I would say Riley will be 55-60 lbs...

are we taking bets? ;)
Dakota was 12 1/4 at 8 weeks. Now, just shy of ten weeks, he's 15 pounds. I figure he'll be 70-75 pounds.
Molly was 13 pounds at 12 weeks. Now she's 6 mos. and 27 pounds. The vet estimated 40-45 pounds for her...sounds like Riley is in the same boat.
Hi I've heard that you can double the weight at 4 months and this is a good way. Also multiplying the 6 month old weight by 1.3 is also another way both have been posted on here before by someone I just happened to write them done for future questions... :lol:
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