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Sandy has this way of sitting in wierd places... his favorite is right on Annie's shoulder... or head...

His other favorite is on the edge of a speeding boat...

Any other doodles sit in wierd places?
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My Foot :roll: HARD! Great pictures of Miss Annie and Sandy :D
Great pictures.....thanks for the smile! :lol:
Great pictures! Absolutely adorable :D
Rowen sits in weird places too- On our couch he tends to lie down on his head..??? And on our sail boat he'll fall asleep under the tiller or even on the very edge of the sail boat! imagine the surprise he gets when the boat tips... :lol:
Cutie Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks everyone - the pair of them just crack me up daily - its like a 24/7 circus in this house!
THOSE are GREAT PICS!!! hahaha i love them together..they make such a cute and comical pair. Seems like Annie is also having the time of her life with Sandy.

Max Peanut and Kirby all try to sit on my feet at the same time....and you can feel it! hahahhaaa
Love your pictures as always Kristen! and the little boater at the helm is adorable!!! :wink:

Kathie,Raleigh & Molly! :D :twisted: :?
Absolutely adorable pictures! And, how funny! Annie is a beauty...looks like she has a best friend in Sandy.
Thanks for sharing!
heehee, that picture of your dog sitting on her shoulder is really funny :D :D
Forever seeking shade!!

Marley is a shade worshipper, no matter where it might fall!!
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hhahahhaaaaaaaaaaa that is the cutest picture and it's amazing how he fit under there :D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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