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Silvering/coat color

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i have read with great interest the posts about coat color and wanted to weigh in. by far the most common comment i get from people is, "i've never seen a black labradoodle!" at 5 months, shaia has a lot of silver hair coming in on her legs (kind of like a salt and pepper look) and silver hair buried under the black hair on her back. it's hardly noticeable unless you're up close, but i'm curious: at what age can we expect her to blow her coat and reveal her final coloring. her mom was a silver/gray poodle and her dad was a yellow lab and the whole litter came out black!
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Most pups will blow it around 8, 9 months and it can take around 2 or 3 months brushing will help.

My Johnson when I used him in my program did produce all blacks with no silvering. They were beautiful but blacks are harder to sell I love them and think they are beautiful but for some reason in doodles they don't sell as good as other colors.

If her Dad which I suspect he did had a black nose then it does not surprise me that the whole litter was black as it is dominant in the colors. even though he was yellow that black nose did it with that silver gray poodle she was dominant black also. :?
Jonah went from this at 4 months.....

To this at almost 23 months.....

He blew his puppy coat at around 8 or 9 months.
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Hi, welcome...darling pup!
Black Labradoodles are very me! :lol: (I am a breeder, working 4 years to produce other colors...I love the black and mine almost always silver, but most customers want other colors, as Linda mentioned.)
Like Gene, our pups started out black, my Bayley looked much like your pup. They silvered quite a bit, still retaining black except around their faces and legs...but with silver/white ticking (hairs) in the black coat.
Silvering and blowing the puppy coat are really not too related. Silvering can happen quickly, as with Jonah, or over a period of 3 years. Blowing the puppy coat doesn't really affect the color dilution, which is a process that does take time. But my dogs blew their puppy coats between 5 and 12 months.
This was Bayley at about 10 weeks:

And this is Bayley now:
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This is so interesting!
Bogie is doing EXACTLY what shaia is doing and they are the same age!!
We noticed the silver/white tickings at about 3 months old. They are getting more pronounced on the legs and the spine! He has a brownish cast to his muzzle.
His dad is a silvery beige Standard poodle and mom is a yellow, kind of rosy English Lab!
I wonder what Bogart will look like?? Hmmmm... :roll:
My Rosie is from Jacque and she has lots of silver hair along her back and around her nose she is very brown. I think the "grays" make her look wise. :D

I don't get comments about her color but people always comment that she doesn't look like a Labradoodle because they've only seen them with the curly hair.
very interesting! thanks everyone for replying. linda, shaia's dad was a champion yellow english field lab! i'd post some pics but the silvering doesn't even show up in pictures yet. it's coming in on her face around her eyes too. her brother from the previous litter is chocolate and has silver all down his back but nowhere else.
doodles are very popular here in san fran, although i see more goldendoodles. the labradoodles i've seen are chocolate or silver-gray but we've never seen a black one! how funny that they don't seem to sell. around here, people think they're rare and sought after. :D
leo is beginning to get some brown around the muzzle at 4 months. i would like it if he silvered as i think the doodles that do look stunning
if he doesn't i'll love him just as much :wink:
we had the choice of a white or orangey colour as well as the black but we still chose the black. the breeder told us she prefered the blacks as she had had other litters in the past but she could have just been trying to sell the blacks :roll:
I think that the black of black puppies is a different shade than the black of silver puppies. Jett is black. She was soooo black when she was a baby she reminded me of a dot, lol. That probably should have been her name. :wink:

Here she is around 6 mo.

A little older.

Here she is now. Still black.

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I have siblings and they are both different. They were both BLACK puppies, but both changed. Interesting how different they can be...

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i love that pic of Bayley with the toy, so cute

Annabelle was a black puppy, started silvering by 10 weeks and continues to change color - just gave her a hair cut and trimmed off most of her light silver, now she is more charcoal with lighter silver on head
Max was so black as a puppy he was considered to be a blue, even his skin has bluish tinge. He is the only one that didn't silver but has a smidge or tiny scattering of white hairs

he started blowing puppy coat at 6mos, he's getting scruffier looking now at age 19mos
Oh, you guys! We have the most beautiful dogs! I am loving this thread and the pictures!
AND...I didn't know that Sharon's Rosie was ours! hahaha...the reason I didn't know for sure is that when she posted about Rosie, she said that she just got her and I assumed she meant that day...but she had her for a week or so, so I figured it was a strange coincidence! is my baby! And....she is a full sibling to Copper! Vicky...are you listening...Sharon's Rosie is from Chase and Lexie...just like Copper! Cool!
Bogie's MOM is ROSIE too!!
I know I posted these somewhere else but here it is again...

...........and look at Louie's color.....DAD

Now here's black and silvering Bogart with a hint of brown in the beard...
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Wow! Now THAT is highly unusual...mating two cream colored dogs and getting black pups! But Bogie is so beautiful!
I'm listening Jac. :wink: How cool is that! 8)

Hello, Sharon and Rosie! I'm Vicky, Copper's mom. Cop is the dood in my current avatar. Glad to meet ya!
Awwww, two of my little loves right there we need Allie...Talllady???
Bogie's parents look like yellow & a cafe-aule (sp?) also called coffee with cream. If mom had no brown genes & dad had no yellow gene, that would explain the black.
My pup Marley is black, but not black like mom who is jet black. He has a few white hairs mixed in along his back, but his test came back as not having any dilute, & carrying brown & yellow, so I really doubt he'll silver. The best discription I can give of his color when I compare him to his mother is that he resembles the color of black licorice. Like when you bite it...the inner color is a brownish/black. Will his color change when he blows his coat? (He is 5 almost 6 months old) It would be easy to say that he is sun bleached, however, we have had such bad weather and he honestly has not been in the strong sun long enough to cause it. Has anyone else had experience with this color?
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Cody was a black pup and has bluish skin, but he started to silver - don't recall at what age.

Cody as a pup

Cody at Christmas - ignore the kids - the silver roots on his head are showing

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