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Shy Doodle

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Our new doodle, Ranger, is a very pleasant, friendly dog, although, he is very shy with DH and my oldest boy (who probably looks like a man to a dog). He has been this way since the moment we brought him home. He takes the long way around the living room to avoid them. They are trying really hard to talk softly and sit on the floor and gently coax him to play with them and he will for BRIEF periods. Any suggestions as to why he has this behavior and how to help him through it? :?:

He is also very timid with other dogs. When we take walks he would like to avoid walking past houses with dogs in the back yards. i don't let him though, we march right past. Other than those two things his temperment seems very good.
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nancy, let the dog come to them. rather than try to coax him, they could also put treats in their pockets :wink:
and they could take turns feeding and walking him as well.

if you've have him a short time he's just adjusting to your houeshold as you do have many family members
I hope your sweet pup settles in soon. It can be hard for them if they're shy to learn to trust, but if you ignore the shyness and just carry on like you've all the confidence in the world, he will pick up on that and gain confidence as well. It just takes time and patience.

He's really a cutie!
After watching the Dog Whisperer, one solution seems to be to ignore the dog completely (the person they're afraid of). Eventually, the dog's natural curiousity will draw them to the person. At least it works on the show :wink:
Welcome !

Ranger might have had a bad experience with a man or boy causing shyness, but it you just ignore it, hopefully he will settle in soon, I would not force the issue

Pictures would be greatly appreciated ! :wink:
I too would ignore the behaviour, but would put some treats in the
pockets of the men(boys) in your house for when he approaches.
Denver when younger was scared to walk by the house with the huge rotweiler and now he is like bring it on when we walk by so all in time
they will adjust.
I would have the males the dog is shy around begin walking the dog. Just walking the dog builds confidence. I would have them take turns taking her on long playful walks to establish a relationship...mtd
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