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should a labradoodle puppy be on large breed food?

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leo always barks and whines after we've fed him and he scavanges anything he can get. we dont know whether hes still hungry or just greedy. hes 11kg's at nearly 5 months-would he class as a large breed and need large breed puppy food?.

also anyone feeding hills science puppy food-the measuring calculations are confusing. at 10kg a 4-9 month puppy shoud have 255g's but after that it jumps to a 20kg puppy getting what do we feed an 11kg dog? :shock:
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Puppies, like kids, can vary a lot in their need for food. Some can't seem to ever fill up, and some eat so little you wonder what keeps them alive. When they're entering a growth spurt they will usually eat more and when they're done with one their appetite will usually be less again. The guidelines on the package are only averages. If he's still hungry, give him more... weight him weekly and check to be sure you can feel his ribs if you press in a bit, but you never want to be able to count them by simply running your hand across.

Let the pups condition and appetite dictate how much they need to eat. You'll both be happier that way.
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