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Shaving and shedding

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Hi all, Well we are coming along very nicely with Misty. She is now around 11 months old and is pretty much all potty trained. We love her like our own baby.

Of course life is never without problems,,LOL. When we first got her last April we had her shaved down to about 1/4 inch. This was because even tho she was on the anti flea tick meds I was so grossed out by ticks that I didnt want to take chances.

So fast forward to now. Her hair is about 2 inches long. As far as all of the posts about how labradoodles "don't shed or shed less" all I can say is LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Now mind you it may just be my labradoodle, but with all of the clumps of hair I have swept up daily I could probably knit myself a whole new winter coat!!

My plan originally was to get her shaved every spring but now I am so tempted to do it now so that I can MAKE it to May. I am tiring so of having to sweep every day. Now I know I should be brushing her every day and that could help but I just dont have the time for that. She is always inside and when she does go out its just to do her business and then come back.

So what do ya'll think?? Im just afraid if I dont do it now by May we may not even be able to tell she is a dog!! I am going to put a recent photo of her in the photo section so you can see how she looks..Thanks so much for all of the help.
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Oh Beth- Misty is so pretty! I love the scruffy look of the Doodle! She is adorable!! Fortunatley Abbie does not shed, so I can't offer any advice in the shaving department. We keep Abbie scruffy like Misty. But, she is a beauty! :lol:
I think she looks great scruffy!! I know that i have my 2 and neither of them shed, very little if any. This may be the time of getting rid of the puppy coat to adult coat, so that may be why all the hair. Yes, some do shed like crazy. My mom's LD just got shaved in Dec, and he has been fine. The cold is not affecting him at all. We are in Illinois, and it has been very mild here, so that might make a difference.
Misty is a beautiful LD! I love her coat...but I can relate to the hair balls! Our two LDs both shed for the first year. Now that they are 18 months old, one has stopped shedding and the other doesn't shed much at all...but they did!
Is Misty an F1? F1s very often shed...and some F1Bs shed. I would suppost that even some multis do...heck I SHED! LOL I think that we find more of my hair in the house/car than we do with the dog's! :oops:
Sorry about the shedding, but I sure do hope Toby ends up looking like Misty :D
I love the look of Misty, she is beautiful!
The hair doesnt look like it would matt if left, i know that is not the issue (shedding is). But if its any help, my Aussie (Australian Shepherd - nothing to do with doodles!) shed so much i couldnt stand it and at about 1 year or so it slowed down and he only sheds a bit. Maybe Misty is going to outgrow it?
Terri Lynn
Ruby will be 1 year old Jan 16th. She has been shedding some the last few weeks. However, since she didn't shed much before, I assume she is just loosing her puppy coat. I am under the impression that you can't really tell what type of coat Labradoodles will have until they shed their puppy coats and grow their adult coats.
No breeder should be saying anyway that the doodles won't shed there is always the possibility that they might. Mine don't shed as bad as my Labs but I tell my customers that and also that I've never seen one that sheds as bad as a Lab but that doesn't mean that there aren't some out there that do shed that bad. This way they are prepared to make the decision if they want to take a chance and get an F1 and have the chance they might shed. :)
Thanks everyone for all the compliments about Misty. She really is adorable. When she sits and looks at me I just get all happy looking back at her. I have decided that I am still going to shave her this spring but I will just move it up maybe into March. She will be 1 in approximately a month. Maybe she will outgrow it. I wish she would because I too love the scruffy look!! I always wanted a Benji dog when I was a little and I think that is how she looks only .

I guess I will just consider it extra exercise when I have to sweep so much!!!
Oh sorry I forgot,, Misty is an F1. Her mother was a lab and her father was a black standard. She's just a plain old Amish farm labradoodle!!! She has a small black spot on her nose. When it grows hair out of it it reminds me of an old lady with a mole with a hair growing out of it!! So I cut that hair off!! LOL.
Hi Beth, I am partial to your Misty's look because my Lexi looks exactly like her. In the last month I have noticed she is shedding more. I assume it is her puppy coat because she is 10 moths old. I know the hair can be annoying, but I would not consider getting her shaved because I absolutely love the shaggy look.
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