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shaia barked at someone!

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i was driving around looking for parking near the house and found a spot. apparently someone else had his eye on my spot too and thought i was stealing his parking :roll: i was totally oblivious, but he decided to road rage me and came towards the car, angry, with his voice raised. shaia was in the front seat and she started barking at him!!!! i've never heard her bark at anyone (or anything) before!!! he saw her and backed down :D i was pleasantly surprised and somewhat comforted knowing that she will alert me to danger on the crazy streets of san francisco :)
funny thing is, i would have let him have the spot :roll:
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blueteal said:
Good girl shaia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to protect Mommy.................
I love these Doodles..........
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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