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I haven't posted for awhile , but after reading some of the posts , thought I would just update . Shadow will be with us for 1 year , in about 2 weeks . He is about 20 mos now and is doing great . Not sure if anyone remembers , but he was a rescue from the pound and was out of control when we got him , (after he got over kennel cough,) he was hit by a car , ate citronella candles , ate a tv remote , destroyed a laundry room and nunerous other things , despite all this he's the most lovable goof we have ever had , he is just a super dog now , but once in while he has to remind us of who he is , , Last Sundays steaks disappeared off the barbque , within a minute or two they were gone when i forgot to shut the lid and turned my back . It was either Shadow or a bird of prey swooped down and took them ,.Shadow is claiming innocence . Hang in there all of you doodle owners who have adopted or rescued , it is all worth it , it will be the best and most unique dog you have ever owned ( someday )

Dan , Toni and Shadow
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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