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Helloo Everyone,

i am just starting my journey of getting a service dog and am very excited at the thought of having more independence. After looking at and researching several medium to large breed dogs, the labradoodle seems to best fit my needs.

I am a pack leader type owner, i have had dogs before with success in obedience training, so i feel prepared to bring a puppy into the home and start obedience training then once thats covered, move on to training them tasks i need help with.

My favorite colors in order are 1. Red 2. Apricot 3. Caramel 4. Cafe 5. Parchment
Does anyone notice a difference in color vs temperment?

If you know any service dog breeders in CA, AZ, NV or OR for labradoodles i would greatly appreciate their info.

Also, if you have a service dog or have worked with them or are open to private message i would absolutely love to speak with you

Thank you so much!
- Kam
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