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I think the sleeping through the night varies very much from pup to pup. When we got our Pacha (at 7 weeks old), she would sleep through the night from day one. She'd wine and cry when we first put her in her crate, but once she'd calm down and fall asleep, she'd be quiet until we got her out the next morning (or perhaps we're just very solid sleepers ;) )...

In any case - I just wanted to point out there's no "golden rule". Some puppies sleep through the night, some don't (for the parents under you - isn't it the same with newborn baby's?). What helps is to take the pup out right before going to sleep, no more water/food after that, and make sure he/she is tired - which isn't hard with puppies, they are always either hyper-active, or hyper-tired ;)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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