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Seeking female miniature to breed with my male. (California)

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Our Guramayle, pick of the litter apricot Miniature Labradoodle, is scheduled to be fixed soon. We're hoping to find him a playmate at some point and are now considering breeding him once with, ideally, a chocolate or red Miniature Labradoodle before the procedure.

Guramayle recently represented Miniature Labradoodles in the soon to be released "Designer Dog Book" published by Weldon Owen Publishing of San Francisco.

Can anyone offer any tips on where we might find those interested in such an arrangement?

We are located in Northern California (Marin).

We've read quite a bit and plan to complete testing, et-cetera... Breeding rights were bought.

Thanks in advance

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do you trim him? he doesnt look like a labradoodle :)

if you want to stud him after you have completed your testing you can list him on a stud finder site. here is one....

and with his black nose dont be surprised if he throws black puppies too! it sounds like you like information you should google dog genetics or do a search on this forum there are some interesting reads :)
He is adorable! I love his coloring...and his haircut...welcome to the forum!

When are you planning to get him neutered?

I agree with Micky that you could very easily get all black puppies from him, due to his black nose...but it is likely that, given the right colors, you could get a variety.

He resembles my male Labradoodle...did you get him from Jodi?

I live in Mendocino County, and I'd be happy to talk to you about ideas. Please feel free to either send a private message (PM button on this note) and I will send you my phone number and personal email address.

I think I can help you find a female, so long as you are planning on testing him.

I have a lovely moyen Poodle girl, choclate, carries red/cream/apricot. She carries no black...but wont' be ready to breed for about a year. Soooo, I can put you in contact with other area breeders, if you would like.
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Movi, yes we trimmed him ourselves for each of these photographs. Just three days before his shoot with Weldon Owen, he chased a skunk while I was on a shoot. The tomato treatment matted his hair into locks.... So he appears in the book completely shaven! At least there's a story...

I'm anything but "in the box", so I like to style him as anything but a Labradoodle. This is his Afghan look.

Can you all share the costs and turn around time for the testing we'll need to schedule?

Welcome Guramayle! He is gorgeous! I immediately thought llasa Apso when I saw the first shot, but that doodle sprawl gave him away :lol:
About the testing...there are tests that must be run, hips and eyes as a very basic. (Plus, of course you need to understand the results) PennHip testing can be done at 4 months but is best if you wiat until they are a year or so. You can get early OFA prelims, but the term says it IS preliminary and needs to be repreated at 2 years.
Both are fairly expensive. Once they pass these, then you look to thryoid, heart, etc. You also checkfor elbows and petellas when they are being tested for hips becaue they are can also test for SA that time.
Here is a link that gives good infor related to testing: ... ssues.html
Please feel free to contaact me if you would liketo discuss any of this.
I love to trim too! here is my standard afghan! (labradoodle stud)

COntact Jac about pricing, it varies a little from state and she is so near you and SOOO knowledgable :)
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Oh, by the way, his nose is actually brown in the center and blacker towards the edges.

I spoke with his groomer and think we found a chocolate miniature poodle to breed him with.

Thanks all.
make sure the female has all its testing completed as well :)
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