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scratching up wood floors!

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We just moved in to a new home (3 weeks) and Lucca is scratching up the floors terribly. Does anyone else have this problem? Regarding her nails...we have her groomed every 3 months and she walks daily (which should keep them filed down)

She runs and slips and this makes it worse! Maybe bigger rugs are the answer? Wonder if I can get the scratches out?
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I think I have seen the covers they put on cats for dogs now in one of the magazines, Pet Edge or one of them I only get about 6 different ones. My friends bought a new house and this happened to them also and it didn't take to long for the damage to happen.
What type of wood floors do you have? We have maple hardwood throughout our home and no scratches from the dog.

You could try those plastic runners they use for computer chairs over the wood - even though they're ugly. Or area rugs.
You may want to try these:

I haven't tried them myself, but as we're moving into a new house with all wooden floors, I'm considering it...

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