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Saturday's Chicago Doodle Romp

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Just curious, did anyone attend the Saturday Chicago Doodle Romp? IF so how was it and how many Doodles were there? :D
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Something tells me with this group this won't be the only Romp we plan! That way when Fozzie is ready we'll be there.
Exactly... lake county doesnt seem to be too outrageous. That's where we used to live (off of 83/Rollins Rd).

We hiked/walked through Duck Park quite a bit back in those days.
It definitely won't be the last romp!! LOL. My doodles love romps. I think that park sounds great!
So do we want to commit to Saturday April 29 at the Lakewood Preserve Dog Park in Wauconda, IL, Lake County?

You're right Keith, we really aren't that far out in the boonies like it might seem!
That sounds good to me! What time do you want to plan for? Since its a bit of a drive, I'd like to do later morning/afternoon. Shannon- we'll plan another one soon so Fozzie can come too. Does anybody have any specific time they want?

Chesterpal said:
So do we want to commit to Saturday April 29 at the Lakewood Preserve Dog Park in Wauconda, IL, Lake County?

You're right Keith, we really aren't that far out in the boonies like it might seem!
Yep, I liked it because it had small town feel, in a rural/urban fashion, but close enough to the city (hour give or take).

Good luck with the romp.
Chesterpal- So far its only you and me at the romp! Maybe we'll plan this one by you and one at the end of next month for a park closer this way!

Unitedrn who is getting Belle this weekend might be there. It sounds like Shannon maybe but not Fozzie this time...I bet we'll pick up a few more as the days go on.
How about 1:00?
Hi everyone! At some point in the future would anyone be interested in doing a romp in Rockford? They have a nice dog park there and the guy who runs the park said he might be able to swing us a free day with our doodles. He is a real dog lover and he said to let him know when/if we want to do that!
Where exactly is the place you guys are thinking about for the 22nd/29th? I looked on their website but could not find directions or an address?

The park in Rockford only charges $3/day for 1st dog and $1 for each additional dog. It's 3 acres and pretty nice. Just a FYI if the keeper of the park can't get us all in for free! Very reasonably priced.

Its at Fairfield Road and Route 176, called Lakewood.
Is it east of Woodstock? Near 14? Near Lake in the Hills? Do you know if they have rules on ages of children allowed to be in the park? The one in Rockford doesn't allow children under 10> Thanks,

It is in Wauconda. North of RT12. So its East of both Woodstock and Lake in the Hills. (I am HORRIBLE with directions---I could get lost going around the block).

I've seen all ages of kids there---down to toddler/stroller size.
Bridget, Lani would love to try and come. Give us a time we are in the Oak Brook area how ling do you think it would take us? I believe Lani gets her final shots on the 21st so we should be good to go. Thanks for getting the ball rolling. :D
Okay I mapquested the park so here it is... ... &2pl=&cat=

It's about an hour drive for me, I think it will be about 45 minutes for you Lisa. Next romp we have, we'll have it closer- that way we make Chesterpal drive to us! LOL just kidding. I'm excited. Is 1 pm okay with you guys? (I'm NOT a morning person!) I'm planning on sending an e-mail out to you guys and the people that are on the chicago doodle romp mailing list.

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
Sorry that Midnite went to a different family. I will keep my eyes open for another for sure.

The park has no restrictions on age, just that the kids have to be supervised at all times. Hope that helps.

Does the park in Rockford have a website?
What is required for a romp - I don't have a dog yet. Does it have to be fenced?
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