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Saturday's Chicago Doodle Romp

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Just curious, did anyone attend the Saturday Chicago Doodle Romp? IF so how was it and how many Doodles were there? :D
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We weren't able to go. We were at the shelter meeting Midnight.
We were there! It was a lot of fun! The location was okay- it was not fenced and very muddy, but the dogs had a blast. We ended up getting busted by the police because you're not supposed to have doggies off leash, but we were there for about an hour. I'd say there were probably 25 dogs. I think we're going to plan something out here in the suburbs soon, and I'll definitely let you know.

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
Yes, you definitely need to get something going.. LOL Pretty easy to plan, just hard to get a date for everyone. I see quite a few people were interested. I also know that Brooke with Clark, and Julee with Reagan would love to come.
I've been so busy trying to finish up a research paper for one of my classes, so I haven't had too much time to plan! So thank you Shannon for forcing me! LOL! I'm super flexible, so is there anyone who wants to come who can't do a certain day? Do you guys want to do it on a Saturday? We could do the 22nd, 29th, or 6th of next month. I just want to give everyone enough time because if we do it at one of the DuPage county dog parks, then everyone would need to get a permit.

What do you guys think?

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
The 29th would be great for us. Do they have day permits? I know Lake County does.
Yes, they do have daily permits. It's $5 if you are in DuPage, $15 if you're out of county. That link shows the permit information

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
Also, Lisa, Chesterpal, everybody else that is interested, would you guys private message me your e-mail addresses. Thanks!

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
dogparks in IL

Wow... I am amazed, that it is a "pay to play" scenario there...
I guess I shouldnt be, as when I lived there we could not go 4 wheeling anywhere in the state and had to go to WI, IA, IN, etc... but I digress.

What a shame it is that you cant even take your dood to the park without a membership, permit, day use, or some other type of fee.

I did a quick search and found this link:

There are definitely some that do not list a fee, so maybe that is an option.

BTW, take the root of that link (minus the illinois.html) and that is the directory for the US.
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Out here, it is very hard to find any place that will let you play for free. Believe me, I have looked. My next try was going to be for training facilities thatmight allow a romp. Summer, I think you got the dates mixed up. You are talking about May right? Those days fall on a Monday. The one here in Joliet is also a fee, unless you use the one in Plainfield which is free, but very small!
Those dates were still for this month- except the 6th of next month. Sorry I didn't clarify! I just looked up one training facility that I know of nearby and they want $400 to rent out their building... I'll keep looking! I just liked the thought of having it outside, but if we can do it for cheaper that would be good.

Oh, Okay. I gotcha! Lol. I was thinking they were all for next month. What time are you planning? Just curious, with soccer and all, mornings are hard on Saturday. Wow, 400, that is crazy! I will try and find some too.
Suppose I should count myself fortunate for having many places, that are large, and free.

I feel for ya, becuase really, that just isnt right. I wish you luck and hopefully you can work something out...
Yes, you definitely should. I have a park 2 minutes from my house, but it requires a yearly fee, and for out of county people, it is a lot more. I just find it kind of crazy that places won't lower their price or fee if they know they will have a lot of business on a certain day.
Keith you are right about that! It is weird that we have designated off leash parks. Any of the forest preserves will let you bring the dogs leashed.
The park by us has 68 fenced in acres which is nice so atleast we do have places to go.
Hey Shannon- Chesterpal's park is in Lake County. Their parks are only $10 per dog for a daily permit if you live out of county. They have self serve kiosks in the parking lot to buy your permit- so we could get them on the day of the romp. What do you think? It's cheaper and easier than dupage

I think that would be a good idea. How far is Lake County from here? Not that I mind. I will go there. LOL
That place would be fine with me, and I am sure I would probably coming the furthest. The only problem I have is Fozzie cannot go. He won't be 4 months until May 3rd, and I am not sure when he will get his rabies shot. You keep on planning, and I will look into that. I don't want to expose him to anything unnecessary.
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