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Ok where is everyone? Last week Vanessa was lonely
this week it's me. hahhahaaaaaaaaaa

hello? anyone out there? my doodles are sleeping, Dave is snoring on the couch and i am not tired YET. hmmmmmmmm have half an article written and wish someone were around on this forum. :wink:
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much better now that one of my partners in crime is here ( yes you!) :wink:

had company 2 times earlier tonight

and OMG this cheesecake i am eating is soooooooooooooo good hhhaaa
one is choc and white cheesecake with white chocolate icing. the other one on my plate is choc with choc chips ......i think i might hit the chips and dip with a beer next.........WANT SOME? :D
seazr said:
I'm here!!! :D
any luck Diane with the certain type of *ooky cookie?

and I KNOW you both don't want to hear this probably, but know the 15lbs I lost? i am having sooooo much fun trying to gain it back tonight! :D i have been an eating machine the past few days hahhaaa
and a few drinks too? hahhaaaaaaaaaaa

either that or your spell checker is broken and Gene seems to be missing right now :wink:

SUE I ONLY need about 9 lbs NOT the whole 15lbs ....i want to have fun eating JUNK FOOD and have some beer :mrgreen:
SUE if you do wanna know what else i'll mail you :twisted:

HI DI and diane, Gene will be so happy when he gets home :D
we're here GENE ...we're just wating for your to kick in your witty spell chekin :wink:

Miss Barks-a-lot , did she wake up a few neighbors perhaps? bet you're the popular guy on your block hahahaaaaaaaa
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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