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Ok where is everyone? Last week Vanessa was lonely
this week it's me. hahhahaaaaaaaaaa

hello? anyone out there? my doodles are sleeping, Dave is snoring on the couch and i am not tired YET. hmmmmmmmm have half an article written and wish someone were around on this forum. :wink:
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I just got home from walking Colorado
He was socializing a couple of puppies for an
owner who asked for the playtime with Denver(it was so cute)
One of the puppies was trying to hump Denver when he was lying down
and Denver gently put his paw on puppy and held him down a bit and
well puppy got message and it was very gently done and owner was happy.

So how is it going Annmarie??????????
I could give you 15 pounds, that I want to get rid of.............
Well i need to give the whole 15 so here you go its a gift
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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