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Ok where is everyone? Last week Vanessa was lonely
this week it's me. hahhahaaaaaaaaaa

hello? anyone out there? my doodles are sleeping, Dave is snoring on the couch and i am not tired YET. hmmmmmmmm have half an article written and wish someone were around on this forum. :wink:
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"Nookie Cookie" has nothing to do with luck, lady!!! :D As to the chips, dip and beer, no thanks, full! Went to the craziest wedding reception tonight! Wish I had of had my camera! My girlfried bartends at the Eagle Lake American Legion. It is as you imagine--rustic! :roll: :roll: The frequestly have large (200 people) BBQs out back. We were told there would be a wedding reception there tonight and all members were welcome to come and eat dinner. So we and a few of our friends went. Could not believe it! There in the back, in the dirt (floor) was this very formal gathering!!! Best man and groom's men en in tuxes!!! Bride's maids in formal, strapless numbers--one "maid" was covered with tatoos!! The bride is wearing a formal gown with a chapel length train that was dragging through the dirt!!! The wedding paarty were sitting at a formal table facing a tent full of about 100 people wearing anything from sits and dresses to shorts!! As the wedding parting were offering toasts, Legion members were behind the fomal table helping themselves to a buffet of roast pig and all the other fixins'!!!! Then the bride and groom had the first dance in the dirt while others excused themselves past the dancing couple to help themselves to some wedding cake!!!! Oh my gosh!! When I worked for the Air Force (federal employee), the Chief of Protocal worked for me so I know a thing or two--I told my husband that this little shindig broke every protocol bone in my body!!!! Oh yea, as long as everybody else was doing it, we had dinner too . . .
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I'M NOT ON SPELL CHECK TONIGHT!!! :D Gene was there. I dedicated the whole last sentence to him. See??? :wink:
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