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Samantha-my double doodle

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Just wanted to say HI, I am John and I have a 12 week old double doodle or labradoodle f2 ,her name is Samantha and she is a joy.
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Welcome John and Samantha!! Let's see some pictures! :wink:
Pics soon

I dont have any pictures loaded up on my computer yet. It took 20 minutes to photo edit the avatar to a size that would fit, lol, it was great. I will load pics soon. TTYL
hiJohn and congrats on Samantha! she's a sweet looking doodle
and avatars can be fun at times hahahhaaaaaaaaaa
welcome to the doodle family.
Samantha has such gorgeous eyes!!

Welcome to doodle mania!!! We are all pretty much nutty about our doodles!! Glad you have joined us!!

Welcome John - your pup is sooooo adorable!!!

Thank You, everyone is so friendly here. I love this site. I will posts some pics in a week or so, maybe sooner.

It will be lots of fun getting to know yall.
Hi John - welcome to you and Samantha, can't wait to see more pictures, you can Never post too many photos here !
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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