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I'm sorry LeeBeth but I can't stop laughing. :oops: Toby sooo reminds me of a golden retriever we owned. She would eat anything and everything. Aluminum cans, kitchen utensils, any kind of plastic thingymajiggy, my dauther's sterling silver ring..... Hope the goat, our dog, had many radiographs taken but everything always passed thru one end or the other. It took a while for the ring but eventually she up-chucked that baby out on the floor. I sure did love that dog. :cry:

Jett loves to throw her toys around too. I have been bonked quite a few times when I was in the way. And she throws hard. She can catch too so that makes it interesting. :lol:

Now back to your Toby doodle dandy--did they say how his eyes are? Give him gentle hugs from me and puppy kisses from my gang.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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