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Runny Eye

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Toby has a very runny left eye. The right eye is perfectly dry but the left waters almost constantly. Any advice?????
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Trip to the vet....could just need it rinsed out. He may have something in it, and can't just flush it out with visine like we should.
Or it could be an allery to something also.
I agree I would call the vet and take the pup in.
Thanks guys. I'll call right now. Poor Tobster. He sure is well-known at the vet.
Toby's lower left lid was turned in...but only when he gets tense. We are trying drops first that will just relax the eye. ( I guess that is the reason it is worse if he is alone for awhile- misses us and gets tense) My dr. is great about using surgery only as a last resort. We'll see if the drops help him.....the little guy never complained of any discomfort and wagged that doodle tail the whole time dr. looked at it. LOVE my doodle..
Drops don't seem to be helping at all. Has anyone else had an eyelid turn in? Is this prevalent in Labs? Curious about the surgery....... :(
I haven't had a dog with this condition but I'm an eye doctor & sees lots of folks with it. It's called entropion & the runny eye is from the irritation caused by the lashes rubbing against the eye. If it continues, it can lead to permanent damaged to the cornea (the clear outer covering), corneal ulcers and/or chronic conjunctivitis.
Surgery is a last option after other measures are tried. The lid muscle goes into spasm & causes the lid to turn in. That lid muscle can be stretched & the entropion can be reversed. Whenever you can, pull the lid down (or up , whichever lid is the problem) by putting your finger about 1/2 inch away from the eye & gently sliding the lid away from the eye - you'll see the lid turn back out where it belongs - wait 3-5 seconds & then gently release. Repeat 5 times, at least 4 times a day. Do this as often as possilble -even when there is no turning in of the lid - so that muscle learns to stay loose. It doesn't hurt your pup to do this muscle stretching & you can make it a routine part of your snuggle time so the pup won't even notice you doing it.
A warm compress helps to relax the muscle, in conjunction with the lid stretches, but I'm not sure your pup will want to hold still for a warm, wet wascloth held over the eye for 5 minutes, 4 times a day - but you can give it a try. I also sometimes have my patients put tape on the skin under their eye & attach it onto their cheek to help keep the lid in the stretch position for 5-10 minutes, but, your pup might not like the tape on his face.
Your pup might also outgrow this condition but in the meantime keep a careful eye on his cornea for signs of potential problems - goopy discharge, debris, cloudiness or his rubbing his eye with his paws or against the carpet.
Good luck - keep us posted.
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Gabrielle, Thank you so much. Yes, that is exactly what Toby's dr. called it. The drops don't seem to be doing anything. I have been turning his lower lid back out frequently but he is starting to hate that. I will try to incorporate the eye work with the massage time. Thanks again for the help. I know how badly my eye has to be irritated before it waters like his is. I feel so sorry for him. The whole side of his face gets wet.
Toby's dr. injected his eye this morning. It is supposed to cause scar tissue which will correct the entropian? It looks yucky. He doesn't seem to mind at all. But he sure does look like a losing boxer. :cry: Hope this straightens it out.
Injected his eye with what? :shock: Boy does that sound painful. Give the Toby big puppy kisses on the head from Jett and gentle hugs from me.
Oh goodness Vicky, it did look dreadful but Toby acts as though it didn't even happen. His eye is turning out right for now and it doesn't even look bad anymore (day 2). They sedated him and stuck that needle with ??? in his lower lid and then while he was sleeping numbed it as well. All together I guess she stuck him 6-8 times. Do you know that that baby woke up wagging his tail?!? Let's just hope this works and we don't still have surgery ahead.
Just wanted to lean a little. Toby is in surgery right now. Having the entropian corrected in both eyes. My poor baby......
Awe, LeeBeth lean away. I am so glad his eyes can be corrected, poor baby. I will keep both you and Toby Doodle Dandy in my thoughts and prayers.
LeeBeth, I am sooooo sorry to read this! I hope and pray that this operation will ease Toby's discomfort and get him well on his way to a quick and full recovery!
I missed this thread...I am sorry, I would have written sooner to offer my support.
We are all here for you!
Please let us know how he is doing and what the doctor says about the surgery.
Hugs from our entire doodle family!
I am going to the vet's right now....they still haven't called me :? I'll let you all know how the baby is doing.
Well they want to keep him over night. He did very well in surgery but woke up very groggy and then they gave him an antihistamine for his poor little itchy leg in hopes that would further calm him as well. Dr. K. thought that seeing me and moving about would cause him to get back in his doodle mood too soon. So.....I have left him for the first time in his life. The good news is that Toby loves to go to the dr. and really likes it there- go figure. I'll update tomorrow. Thanks for letting me whine. :cry:
Oh, LeeBeth! That is soooooo hard! I remember the first time I had to leave Lexie over night at the vet...I was not expecting to, I thought they'd look at her and send her home with me, but they said to come and get her the next day...I went home, cried and cried! Then I gathered up all of her toys and blankets and went back to the vet and asked them to be sure that she had them...I was I know how hard this is on you! I am very sorry.
It is good that Toby loves the vet!
People say that it is good to kennel your dog regularly so that they get used to it, but I just can't bring myself to do it. It is harder on us than it is on them, for sure!
Hugs to you and to Toby...I look forward to hearing that he is recovering home!
Well Jac, I have a most unusual baby. I went to the vet the very first thing this morning to bring him home.....they want to keep him today to watch his bowel movement because he ATE his e-collar. :shock: The whole thing was GONE. While we were standing there talking there was a terrible commotion going on was my Toby :oops: He had been given 2 stainless bowl with breakfast and was in an x-pen throwing the bowls!!!!! He didn't have a ball. Bottom line, Toby is on vacation and having a wonderful time-- now we have to worry about his belly again.
He ate the whole collar???!!! :shock: :shock:

Oh, my goodness!

I can understand the bowl toss! My dogs would do that...and, you know, I think that my dogs would eat the e-collar too, if they could get to it!

What a guy!!'s his eye? :lol:

Hugs to you and Toby!
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