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Romp behavior

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So Bella is an absolute angel (not! :lol: ) except when she sees other dogs. She loves to play with other dogs and will cry if we just have to walk by them. When she plays, she likes to jump on the other dog and hop off. Some dogs do NOT like this. But she is so excited to play that all training just goes away and she will not listen to me.
So, here is the question:

Am I going to look like I have a totally out of control dog at the romp if I bring her?

Will people be upset if Bella jumps on their dog and I can't make her stop?

She does go to doggie day care when we go away and they always say she is wonderful. And I have watched her on camera and she does not do this at the day care. She tends to do it outside, like she is trying to get the other dogs to chase her?

So give me some doodle romp etiquette and advice!
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I can tell you one thing...Dexter is really playful and does the whole jumping thing I think she would be right up his alley :)

Last year there were a large mix of behaviors...some of the dogs were more quiet and hung around the adults and some (like Dexter) were running like crazy, wrestling, etc.

Except when he gets overly tired/obnoxious, I do not try to stop Dexter...the other dogs tend to tell him when to cut it out :) Sometimes after awhile he will clearly be tired and barks too much and we'll pull him aside for a time out.
Sounds like Miko and Bella could be sisters!! She's actually shy at first, but after out. She jumps, attacks......all so she can be chased. Hey, you've seen the videos..... :wink:
I think you will find that Bella is not the only jumper at the romp! LOL! Usually dogs gravitate to the other dogs who enjoy their level of play. She will probably find plenty of jumping buddies. Hope you have a good time! I am jealous. :p

I just took Samantha to my grandmas and ther were 5 other dogs around. At first Sam was the most hyper but then the other dogs started to play as well. She totally lost all respect for me and would not listen at all. I had to chase her down once when she would not come to me, not actually chase but go get her across the street (way out in the country dirt road not a street). After that I held her on the leash for a bit and calmed her down and when she earned it I let her go play again. That night she gav me the best performance ever on our walk. I do structured walks but she still tries to pull alot, but not this time, it was asewome. I am not sure if it was that she was still tired even though se just slept 5 hours or if she just wanted to be good.

Anyway, take your dog with no worries, keep a sense of humor and have a great time.
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I took Winn Dixie to a play time where there were 6 other dogs and he loved it!!!! He ran and ran, and started LEAPING over the little pugs, like he was playing leap frog. Thank goodness the pugs didn't mind. He also started a game where he would nip their ear, run off, and then come back for their other ear. It was hilarious. He did finally settle down to a calm(er) game of chase.
I love these dogs!
Thanks everyone! I think she will probably be super hyper and then settle down (I hope!). Otherwise, I might just be the topic of conversation on the forum post romp! :lol: I need to get her around other dogs more often so it is not such a novelty!
Thanks everyone! I think she will probably be super hyper and then settle down (I hope!). Otherwise, I might just be the topic of conversation on the forum post romp! I need to get her around other dogs more often so it is not such a novelty!
haha...seriously don't worry about it...there are always a few small issues here and there and nobody thinks anything of it besides doodles being doodles :)
Linda, if she acts up at this romp.......for the next romp, dress her in black leather and she can be the "tough" chick! :lol:

Bella.......Wish I could join you! We could really show these boys that grrrrrlllzzz rule!!

Bwahahaha,should I put this collar on her?

OK, so what should I REALLY bring to the romp?
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Your wonderful sense of humor and the beautiful Bella, who is going to do great......just wait and see!
hehe...nice collar :)

you just'll come back and say "OMG that Dexter...he is a wild man!!!!" :wink:
I called the groomer LAST Friday and cannot get in until NEXT TUESDAY! So Bella is going to be a woolly bear at the romp. :lol: Almost 2 weeks for an appointment! Sheesh, I can get my haircut appointment faster that that!
You can tell people that she's a Bearadoodle. :wink:
Or the infamous "Wild Doodle of Borneo"!! :lol:
haha...well Dexter is still a naked doodle and Kirby is a wooly mammoth :) We are cutting him after the romp (he looks so cute w/the long hair!)...
I haven't attended any romps but have had up to 3 dogs playing here at once at my house numerous times, for the 1st 5 to 10min they're super hyper but quickly become less so and just play doing lots of doodle 500runs

and our groomer that specializes in Goldendoodles like Peanut, there is a 6 weeek waiting list right now :shock: i am wondering if i should try clipping Peanut myself and she's getting the wooly mammoth look i love but the ground is softening up with moisture and mud
It sounds like she is just trying to get other dogs to play. I take Pixie to dog parks every day, and I've noticed that some dogs don't like to play, some dogs just want to play with balls, and some dogs (like Pixie) like to play with each other. Very typical for them to go for each other's ears, chase each other, tumble over each other...and very funny to watch. I think Bella will find other doggies who like to play the way she does, and the doggies who don't like it will let her know.

I doubt any other owners will disapprove. It's a ROMP, after all! If you feel like Bella is too out of control, you might want to grab her and give her a little time-out, walk her on-leash or make her lie down next to you for a little while. But I would bet that she and the other dogs will be able to work it out themselves.
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Well this thread has helped me too. I was a bit worried about Cacao. But is sounds like she will be ok. It is so hard to get Cacao out with other dogs to play. She wants to have a playmate. She sometimes has our friends doodle come over. But not for a few weeks.
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