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Recommendations for car seat covers?

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I'm looking for a simple car seat cover for just the seat of our back seat. (I don't feel the need to cover the backrest portion.) I usually try an old towel but it inevitably gets pushed aside and I end up with wet and muddy foot prints on my leather seats. It washes easily but I'd rather avoid the mess if I could.

I see most pet sites have some version of a seat cover with quite a large price range. I wondered if anyone had a recommendation.

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We bought a cover (very cheaply) and tried it, but the elastic was not the right size for our back seat. We bought an inexpensive thin blanket (from Christmas Tree Shop) and we just jam it into the crease between the back part and the bottom part of the seat (so that only the part Dexter lays on is covered). It works very well for us. The blanket is large enough so it covers the back seat of a small SUV with a little extra. Dex also doesn't move around much in the car so if Charlie moves a lot it may not work as well.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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