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Welcome to the Labradoodle-Dogs.Net Forums.

A quick post to help get everyone started.

Please try to keep posts on-topic.

The purpose of this forum is to help interested parties find a quality Labradoodle breeder. Feel free to ask questions about what to look for, and what to avoid. Your questions will be answered by other Labradoodle owners, breeders, and other people just interested in the breed.

Of course, we strongly recommend that you always visit a kennel first-hand and seek references before purchasing from a kennel.

Everything needs to be kept positive, please don't post negative things about kennels or breeders

The purpose of this moderated board is to help Labradoodle buyers help each other in a cooperative manner. Advertising litters for sale is strictly prohibited. Websites in signatures are considered to be ads and are also prohibited. You may ask that someone send you a Private Message regarding your breeding business.

Off topic posts or topics deemed unnecessarily negative by the forum moderators will be deleted without notice.

Welcome and have fun!

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Not open for further replies.