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RAW food frozen pattys?

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Does anyone feed RAW frozen pattys? Maya has had diahrrea on and off since I have had her and I need to try something new. We have switched kibble many times. She is on Wellness now and she does have solid poo sometimes on it. Once she gets stressed it's back to diahrrea. I am so worried about her. She eats fine, plays hard, and is not losing weight however it can't be fun for her. I am thinking about RAW however I can't get over just tossing a chicken bone to her and with my crazy schedule I need something that I don't have to worry about as far as it being balanced. Any suggestions?
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Napa's on a mix of Nature's Variety. He gets Kibble, and two medallians. I really like it. They've even got freezed dried stuff, so it doesn't need to be frozen. I didn't go with the freezed dried one, but the freezer worked well for us. Plus if we forget to take down the raw, we can just feed him the kibble and he's golden!
Yea, I figure since they weren't getting cooked, I needed to be extra careful. So, that's why I liked the idea of the Kibble and the raw together. Like this week, we ran out of kibble, so he got raw full time, now that we've got kibble, he'll get kibble and raw, and when I move back home he'll get kibble and the occasional raw because Mom's probably going to blow a gasket if she sees what I feed Napa!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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