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I'm sure many of you know about this but in case you don't, there is a rattlesnake vaccine available. It has its pros and cons but I decided to deal with the cons when my lab, Seazr, decided there was nothing in the world more fun than sticking his head in every gopher hole in search of ground squirrels! The biggest con to the vaccine that I have found is overconfidence--you can't be totally sure it's going to work. You should still use avoidance as your first defense, and in the unfortunate chance your dog winds up on the wrong end of a rattlesnake, you MUST still seek medical attention. The vaccine merely reduces the effects of a snakebite; it does not eliminate them. Anyway, Sacramento is not an issue but Eagle Lake (our vacation house) is in rattlesnake country and is very remote--the first small town is almost an hour drive. I'll take the chance on anything that can buy me some extra time. Sooo, Friday Dakota gets pricked!
Diane (and Dakota)
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