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Rain rain please please go away

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Uggh...we've had the worst weather the last week. It rains every other day and nothing ever dries out :shock: Our backyard is a serious swamp and our house is turning into a doodle wrestling ring. It has been so mild, but I wish it would cool down so the wet ground would at least freeze! I think it's going to be mid 50s today so I think we'll take the boys for a long walk/hike somewhere to burn off their energy. This past week has made me realize it must be so hard to have a doodle if you don't have a yard!
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I can totally sympathize with this post.

This time of year in the Pacific Northwest means rain, rain, and even more rain. It's been raining here for a week straight.

There's light at the end of the tunnel though as Monday/Tuesday should be sunny.

Since a doodle that doesn't get out to run is generally a bad doodle, I have to let her out and therefore have to hose off Noodles paws before she can come in the house. Her jacket protects most of her body but her paws become a muddy mess.

She's learned the routine and now after she's played for a bit, she'll come sit at the back door and just wait for me to bring the water and towel. She even lifts up her paws for the hose.

:) :lol:
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