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Rain rain please please go away

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Uggh...we've had the worst weather the last week. It rains every other day and nothing ever dries out :shock: Our backyard is a serious swamp and our house is turning into a doodle wrestling ring. It has been so mild, but I wish it would cool down so the wet ground would at least freeze! I think it's going to be mid 50s today so I think we'll take the boys for a long walk/hike somewhere to burn off their energy. This past week has made me realize it must be so hard to have a doodle if you don't have a yard!
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haha...I would much much rather have snow too.
Wow...we had 2 straight days w/no rain. So my husband and I did some serious leave raking (we have a million trees in our back yard) and the doodles went nuts :) They will sleep very very well tonight!!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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