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Hi. Congratulations on your new puppy!
It all depends on the type of carrier you are talking about. If it is the plastic type, I would change to a wire crate.
My dogs had the plastic crate inside the huge wire crate while they were small. They slept in the plastic one and played/ate/pottied in different areas of the large wire crate. The wire crate give them more air and lets them see out, making it less confining to them. They love to be engaged, so being able to look around is a good thing...and if you can put it by a glass door so that they can watch the outside, that is good too. They love to see what the family is up to, and they watch tv!
Most trainers will teach the puppy to "kennel up" when they are crated...and if you train them correctly, they will love the safety of thier crate.
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