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Hi Tina,
I understand your concern. It is so hard to know what is caused by quirkiness and what is a possible concern...the best advice I would give, you are already considering...a vet visit about it. Getting hip x-rays is a good idea, I think, for most dogs because you can always use it as a baseline comparison later on, if needed.
I don't know how much OFA films are, I am sure someone else will let you know...I have not done OFA yet, but I do think it is less expensive than PennHip. PennHip can be done at 4 months of age though and OFA is done at 2 years. However, OFA can do a preliminary check and you can get a rough idea.
PennHip is pretty expensive. You can go to the PennHip web site and get names of vets in your area, then call them to see what they charge. My PennHip vet charges about $325. It costs a lot because they have to put the dog under anesthesia.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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