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Question for owners of boys

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May sound silly but I was wondering if the boys lifted thier leg or if they squated to potty? Does early neutering stop them from lifting thier leg?
My German Shepard pee'd all over evertything. He wasn't neutered. I know that's why he did it. We are trying to decied if we would like a boy or girl. Dh says girl because of the peeing thing. Just wonder though.
:D Jennifer
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Charlie was an early neuter and just pees standing up. He squats only slightly. Poor guy... he has really small equipment. The boys in the family make fun of him. Luckily he likes any attention.

ETA: By "early neuter" I mean before we got him at 8 weeks.

Napa was neutered when he was between 8 and 10 weeks, and he sqwats so low, he looks like a girl. Striker was neutered at 6-7 months and he sqwats slightly, but still looks like he's standing.... so that's what our experience has been.
Quincy was neutered pretty early - around 5 months. He is now about 18 months old and doesn't lift his leg - never learned the art of it. He basically pees like a horse - stands on all fours and leans forward and has never been a marker.
Tanner usually lifts his leg but it took him at least a year to do it on a regular basis. He does still lift the wrong leg sometimes and dribbles on himself :oops: :roll:
my wife has always had girl dogs and was against a male when we were looking into getting Gus. She was worried about marking pee and also about his bits and pieces getting in the way when she would give a belly rub, something she loves to do. We got him neutered at 4 months, he leans forward, a little higher than Hershey, to pee. Never marks. and his bits are small and he gets plenty of belly attention form us.
Sandy (15m - neutered at 6m) doesn't lift his leg... He squats and leans to the left :) He doesn't mark, either - even when all the other dogs are doing it he just stands there and watches them :)
Lucas was altered early... I think around 14 weeks, he squats to pee but not as low as the girls...
Max was neutered around 7.5 months old he has always squatted till we got Beau,NOW he lifts his leg

not sure if he'll go back to squatting again or not
usually they learn to lift when watching other dogs do it.
One of the things I watch for in a male dog to know when they're reaching "sexual maturity" is that they start to lift their leg to pee. If you get them neutered before that time most will never start.

My Chip is 10.5 months old and he's just started doing this in the past couple weeks. That's pretty average in my experience.
Beau does most of the time. And he has to pee where Cacao has just gone.
Toby was neutered at 5mos..and he wee s like he s
doing a push-up.
Rumor is a lifter......don't know when he was neutered(rescue), Jonah is a squatter (or just a stander), was neutered at 5 1/2 months.
Thanks, it sound like if they are neutered early they are more likely to squat or lean. My GS was a big pooch and his "bit" as you say were big but they never got in the way!
We never got him neudered because of his Hip Dysplasia. We didn't want him to gain weight and put stress on his hips. He would pee & pee & pee & he was still lifting his leg and nothing even came out. He was funny.Thanks,
This is toooo funny reading.................

I never knew a male not to lift his leg, so I always assumed dogs in the park were female when they squatted. Guess I should get down on the ground and peek before I insult a macho man complimenting him on his pretty girl. :shock: :shock:
Copper (f1b dood) - early neuter (8wks) - squats, no marking.

Hunter (cocker spaniel) - neutered 4 mo - lifts leg, marks everything.

Peter (rabbit) neutered - squats

Chingy (chinchilla) - intact - squats

Quigon (tortoise) - intact - stands
Wow you have a lot of males in your house!! :lol: My daughter and I will be out numbered if you get a male. I never thought of that!
:lol: There's more. :shock: :lol:
Denver was neutured at 8 months but he started lifting his leg
at 4 months and always lifts, unless he is running for a ball
and then he just pees on the run. He has never marked the inside
of the house, even though we have 2 cats who tend to miss a litter box now and again.............. these answers! (Especially Vicky's!)

Okay, here's the girls pee in the house more...because sometimes they are submissive peeing...and sometimes they get so excited that they pee! The boys...all intact...don't lift their leg or mark until the girls go into heat or they have a litter of puppies around. Marking their territory goes beyond saying "mine!" it means that the dog will protect the territory (or puppy or female or human) with their life. It is really quite an honor in the canine world. :D

If your male is neutered before he reaches maturity, peeing should not be a problem.
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