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hahahaha you guys are so funny! (Glad you like the site, Diane!)
Hmmmm, just imagine what we have going at our kennel, mind you, we have 2 Labradoodles (18 months old each) one standard Poodle (one year old), one Goldendoodle (3 months old) and 7 (seven!) 6-week old puppies! is HEAVEN!!! I LOVE it!
Oh, yes, there is a LOT of cleaning up (and honestly, I would not want surprise visits, not even from the UPS delivery person!) but there isn't a minute in the day that I can't get puppy hugs and dog kisses! Life is gooood!!
We have nipping, whining, pooping, peeing, constant feeding and watering, (of course encouraging even more peeing and pooping) and 7 babies trying to see which one can bite my ankle first when I enter the x-pen zone. Then they have a contest to see which one can take the potty pad out of the frame fastest and which one can make the biggest, raggiest ball out of it! (I set up a litter box and they all slept in it and ate the litter...gave a whole different meaning to the term "litter" box! :lol: )
But I am TRYING to teach them! (Mostly I just give in and cuddle them by one...until I smell just like them!)
But you just can't imagine how sweet it is to walk into a room and have seven of the most beautiful faces looking up at you, hoping that you will pick them up for a snuggle...ummm, nice.
...I forget why I decided to write! I DID have a point... :roll: Oh well.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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