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Yep, Bandit (9/18/05) is also playing the keep away game now... I swear, he wears me out before he tires... although, last night I had him goin while Kyren(12) was on backyard bomb duty... Then he finished up and tried the keep away game too.
Funny, because he was all proud that he outran Bandit to the fence. ;) not hard to do when the little guy had been running for 30 minutes or so!

Yep, the nipping thing was getting borderline aggressive, but BIG thanks to Maureen and John, they helped us to understand exhibiting our dominance and curbing that behaviour... now he will gently mouth us. Kyren is still learning and gets caught every now and then.

Bandit still views Kyren as a sibling/littermate than human/dog relationship. I suppose they will both learn eventually. :roll: Either that, or Kyren will be going to school naked, scratched and cut up. :lol:
Last night, Bandit growled and nipped at Kyren after finishing dinner and getting a drink. He learned that was not acceptable. Tia and I have been working with him on allowing others to get near his mouth/food while feeding and teaching him that it is okay.

Smart puppy though, he has learned:
"Go to bed"
"Drink" most the time
"Get your ball/toy/bone"
"Drop it"

He is also getting big. Need to weigh him and determine how much. Already on the second crate that we purchased. The little travel crate from Maureen lasted a couple weeks. The other Medium wire crate "Pet-something or other brand" was too small a week or so ago so we picked up an XL size with two doors and a divider in it @ Wally Word for ~$60.
BTW, if anyone is interested in the medium one, give me a shout...

He LOVES his Holee Roller ball, and the pressed rawhide chews. Them and Nylabone edibles...

Hes been pretty good this week, so I think I might go get him one of these Sat.


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He likes the bacon a lot, but we tried these:

Sorry, Im a visual kinda guy.
He really liked that BBQ Chicken one too. Havent tried te Ham n Cheese yet.

I think Kyren likes the holee roller more than Bandit!!! :lol:

This sounds COOL!!!

Spot Zap Ball Flash 'N Sound Dog Toy
Entertain your dog with the ball that lights up on impact, then whistles, chirps, rings, and much more. Flashing ball makes eight different wacky sounds when it's whacked on a hard surface. Great for day or night play.

Im not so sure on the squeeky toys, Bandit detroys them in 0.08 seconds flat. So they end up getting taken away. Although they did have some squeekers in a tennisball type bone (KONG brand) that were enclosed and I considered getting them.
We did end up getting a big tennis ball for him to kick around outside... but the genius that he is, decided to pick it up and carry it. The thing is probably 6-8" in diameter (no pics sorry) and he would rather carry it than kick it... that is until you get him involved in the Holee Roller, then he tries to carry both... and when they just dont fit, he kicks the bigtennis ball around. They did have a 10-12" one too. Might just hafta get that.

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Week???? LOL!!!! Im doin good for them to last an HOUR! Typically 30-45 min.

BTW, he had the ham n cheese this afternoon as a snack treat with Kyren... who knew.... apparently not I. Go figure. :roll: :lol:

The images are EASY! [img ]whatever link you have to a picture[/img ] Make sure you remove the space after the "img" on the tag

same goes for Bold - B
Italics - I
Underline - U

Key is brackets and a /brackets with the letter in between. Typical UBB code, and I post on a LOT of forums, so if you have technical questions, please let me know, I am happy to help.

That goes for anyone. I have lots of technical knowledge spread over a lot of arenas... I am pretty ignorant when it comes to dogs/puppies though. So it seems like a fair trade of knowledge for knowledge.

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