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Well, let me tell you what a morning is a my house right now is like Gracie's puppies are almost 5 weeks old and we did whelp them in the house Gracie thinks she is to good for our Whelping house that the other dogs use :!: :roll: :lol: Anyway we get up and first thing Tejas (16 weeks) and Rogan (14 weeks) need to rush outside to potty, then back in for breakfast for Tejas, Rogan, Gracielou, Johnson everyone but Johnson scrafs down their food Johnson eats very slowly. I soak some kibble to give to Gracie pups since they are getting older. Back outside for everyone to potty again, feed Gracie's pups then wait about 30 minutes and clean their whelping box out. Back inside for the others OH some Where in there I do try and gulp down a much needed cup of Coffee!!! And this is just the morning and the house dogs now I head out to the whelping house and Kennel to take care of everyone else by then they have already heard the others outside in the yard and can't hardly wait for their breakfast!!! :lol: Not complaining I love my dogs all of them...
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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