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Question about my puppy

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So I know you aren't supposed to take your puppy to dog parks and unknown grassy areas because of the risks of diseases like parvo and such - but is it okay to take your puppy to see another puppy approximately them same age (1 week difference) if they have both received their first shots and are both healthy - or is this still risky? My pup is 9 weeks and the other pup (Golden Ret.) is 10 weeks -
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I was told to wait to meet other dogs until at LEAST the 11 week vaccinations, but many wait until their puppy is fully vaccinated. Parvo is on anythign and everything and it doesnt matter how old the dog is, they can still bring it in. For that matter I know others who limit visitors to brand new puppies too, or at a minimum have visitors remove their shoes outside so the puppy wont be exposed to what they track in on their shoes.

You dont have to go overboard, but also taking outright risks is not worth risking your puppy's life. You need to take the precautions you are comfortable with and live your life!
They say you can go around people you know that their dogs are fully vaccinated but since this is a puppy I would suggest you wait. Parvo can take them so quickly to me it's not worth the risk I won't even put my pups on the floor in my vets office. I keep them in the pet carrier.
I agree with this advice...I would wait. The time goes by quickly...and what a party you can have!
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