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Okay, how did you get him to pose like that!??? LOL He is adorable!

His coat is very much like my Bayley's was at that age. She had a bit more on her ears, but she had those different lengths of hair too...and she shed up until (and throughout) she turned a year old. Then she stopped!

Her coat got very curly along her back and on her face, but straighter on her tail and a bit spindly on her legs.

Really...she did shed the entire time. I didn't know when she blew her puppy coat because she was always shedding. But I guess that she did, indeed, blow her puppy coat because she doesn't shed any more!

I don't know if that will happen to you and Cody or not...I also have Bayley's sister, Lexie, and she still sheds. (But her coat is thicker and more coarse too.)

And the gas??! Oh, my gosh, they ought to find a way to use that stuff to power rockets or something! Phew!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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