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I to am sorry for the sick puppy there really isn't much for me to add but as a breeder myself I would think someone would want to help you with the vet bills I would at least ask the store who the breeder is they probably won't tell you I've heard they have contracts with the stores so the stores can't disclose this info, that might not be every sotre or state though. I would for sure get something from the store and like others said I would never shop there again and tell everyone you know not to. Make sure you tell family and friends if they ever buy a pet to buy from a reputable breeder and not a pet store most good breeders offer at least a 2 year health guarantee on their dogs. Tell them to ask lots of questions and get references. I don't like to point fingers or say a breeder is bad without knowing for sure somethings come up and a breeder just might not know, the true test is once they if they offer to help with the bills then you know what kind of true breeder they are.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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