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Puppy sleeps a lot...okay?

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Our little Riley is quite a cutie. As far as I can tell, everything is going okay, but I'm a worrier. He is 10 weeks old and sleeps quite a bit. He is crate training (and doing very well!). Unfortunately, we have to crate him in the morning before we leave for work. Around noon, we'll come home for lunch to feed him and get in a quick play session and then he's back in the crate until after work. Every time we come home (either for lunch or after work), it appears he's just waking up. He plays a little in the evening & goes for a mini walk (he's working his way up to longer walks :D ). But then he sleeps or lays down a lot. He's eating 3 meals a day (about 1 cup each & he's about 11 or 12 lbs). He's probably been asleep since 8:30pm...we'll take him out once more & then he sleeps until 5:30am when we get up. Is that normal? Sorry for the long disortation. Just want to make sure!

Also, (I know I could open a can of worms) is it mean to crate him all day (with a break for lunch)? I feel so guilty. I'm thinking about doggy day care a couple days a week maybe, but probably not until after he's fully vaccinated. Thanks for your help!
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Hi Jules, I think it is great that you wrote with this question...and there are many new owners in your situation...working all day is tough, but at least you get to come home at lunch and spend some time with your puppy. That is a good thing.

As far as his sleeping, nothing too unusual with that, considering he is crated...usually they sleep or cry, I am glad he is sleeping!

I love the idea of doggie daycare, as soon as you can, I'd suggest that you do get him in a program...these dogs generally need lots of exercise in order to be well behaved and well adjusted.

Have you considered having a neighbor come in a couple of times a day to play ball with your puppy? I have a dog walker that comes over every day...even though I am home...sometimes I don't have the time to play with my dogs like I'd like to.

Here is a good link about crating...and it gives time frames:

While your puppy is very young, this schedule is probably less important than when he gets older and has more "awake" the options available would be good considerations.
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