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Hi, congratulations!
Michael has given you some really great information and Angela has posed an interesting question...I think that what it boils down to is to ask your vet what he/she thinks is the best way to deal with this and follow that advice, since you will get different ideas from different owners.
I personally feel that it is important to protect them from disease before they have their shots because you really never know if the mother was given the inoculations. Also, I have known of too many cases of Parvo, which is one of the worst fears for puppy owners.
You might want to do some research online too and find out what rings true for you.
I took my puppies to puppy kindergarten because it was held at a vet office and all of the puppies had to be up to date on their shots. I would not have taken them had it been anywhere else...I am a worrier.
But it really is important to take your puppy in to see the vet right away anyway so I would just include this question along with the others you might want to ask.
Enjoy your new baby!
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