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Hi Taylor,

Most doggie day care centers will only allow:
- pups of a minimum age of 4 months
- up to date vaccination

Up to date vaccination is open for interpretation. As you probably know, the Rabies vaccine is only give at 4-6 months of age, so some doggie day care centers will allow younger dogs in without Rabies shot, because their vaccination is still "up to date" (since Rabies is only administered at a later age).

We started puppy class at about 3 months, and that was fine. We waited with going to the dog park too often etc until our pup was fully vaccinated.

If you do intend to board/do daycare, make sure he/she receives the Bordatella vaccination before you start (in addition to the other "5-in-1" puppy shots. Bordatella is "kennel cough" and is one of the most common diseases spread through boarding/kennels.

Make sure you post pictures when your puppy arrives! :)

Happy new year,

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