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Puppy paw closed in door

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I'm sorry I haven't been posting on other threads - it's been so busy with Tenzin.

Last night I took him out to go potty before bed, the door was open, but I thought Jofi was upstairs, behind the gate in the kitchen. Suddenly she came rushing down and I quickly went to close the front door. I didn't realise Tenzin had one of his front paws on the door step - near the hinge. He screamed for about 20 seconds. We inspected his paw carefully - pad, nails - there was no blood and nothing feels different than the other leg, also he made no reaction when we touched it, but since it happened he's got a limp. When he stands, he holds up the affected leg. It was about 1am last night when it happened so we put him in his crate to sleep and see if it was better this morning. It's now 7am and he's limping still - if anything it's more pronounced. We're going to take him to the vets as soon as possible - probably in a couple of hours (he slept through the night without making a sound). I feel like such a bad mummy :( - I really hope it's nothing too serious.
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Thanks for the well-wishes. We just returned from the vets. Tenzin had an x-ray and one of his toes is broken. It's a hairline fracture or a crack going right through - they couldn't tell - but the bone positioning is normal so there's no need to do anything - he's on pain-killers and the vet said to minimise his activity for the next 2-3 weeks. Hmmm that will be the hard bit.

I'm very sad this happened - it just makes things harder for him with his settling in, and it's not nice knowing he's in pain. I'm sure in a short time everything will be better again.

A couple of other things came up at the vets - firstly he has a slight heart murmur, which hopefully will correct itself by 5/6 months - secondly he has slightly in-turned lower canines, which run the risk of digging into his gums unless they correct - they should correct on their own when the new teeth come through. But if not, can dogs wear braces??! So all in all Tenzin will be getting lots of cuddles while he rests and recovers. After the incident last night, Jofi was very gentle to him, licking him and bringing him toys (instead of running off with the toys upstairs where she knows he can't get them!). She was also very pleased to see him when we got back from the vets.

We're going back to the vets tomorrow - our normal vet - as this was just an emergency appointment and we had a regular appointment booked already.
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