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Puppy Nibbles and Bites.

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Hi all, I have a 12 week old doodle that really likes to nip at my 8 year old and 5 year olds heals. Is 3 months old a big teething time fr pups/ Oliver hasn't chewed shoes or anything he's not supposed to (yet) but he likes to nip at the kids heels and clothes. Any suggestions to get him to stop We just say NO and direct him to a che toy. Is this the thing to do and how long does it take for them to 'get it' I've never had a puppy who likes to nip so much. He nips at our inlaws dogs heels too.

Thanks, :D
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We JUST learned this at Obedience today. It's a techniique to use for the following:
-barking in your face
-nipping, biting!!!!

1.You buy a cotton clothesline......about 50 feet........and cut it into 6 foot pieces.
2. You clear out a very small space in your house that the dog doesn't ever go into, such as a closet. You might want to tack some cardboard or a piece of carpet to the backside of the door of the closet.
3. Now, while your dog is with you anywhere in the house or outside, you tie the 6 foot of clothesline to his collar. The dog is "in training" for the 3 problems mentioned above, so it's on him all the time. He may chew the clothesline which is why you have so much of it.
4. If your dog does ANY of the 3 things above, which in your case is the nipping and biting, you pull the leash and take him to the space you've created. Close the door and leave him in there for 10 minutes. He might bark, cry whatever.........leave him in there.

This must be done every single time he does one of the 3 above.
Do not use the dogs not use a bathroom, it's too large.

The objective is to make the dog see that every time he does one of the 3 negative things, he receives negative reinforcement.
You must do this even if you're simply playing in the yard and the teeth even accidentally make contact wth the skin.
MOST dogs will get this within 3 days. It MUST be consistent and done every single time.

The trainers are certain that dogs trained this way will NEVER again bite, nip children or adults.

I saw a demo tonight of 2 Off Leash trained Labradoodles...........I wish I had had my camera. After seeing these beautiful dogs........I'm convinced these training techniques will work.
I haven't started it yet.............but I'm convinced!
Good Luck and I hope you try it!
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